Mercedes Benz – An Established Automotive Brands in The World

We human beings strive for perfection in our everyday life. In order to live a comfortable life, you are inclined towards luxury whether it is buying a house or a vehicle. It is tough to decide which car to buy when you are doing shopping for a car and it becomes much more difficult when you compare the top brands such as Mercedes-Benz and Lexus.

Mercedes-Benz is a better choice than Lexus in the following ways:


Both the brands have made use of the technology in the best possible way but Mercedes Benz offers many advanced features like highest quality sound systems. When you compare the horsepower, Mercedes Benz comes in at 449 and Lexus comes in at 383.

Comfort and convenience

Mercedes Benz has an 8-inch high-resolution color screen, hands-free Bluetooth interface and rear seat entertainment system. It provides abundant luxury as compared to Lexus SUV in terms of its features.

It is a symbol of comfort and convenience with its highly designed controls which enable you to drive in the ideal position with 10-way power adjustment, dual-zone automatic climate control.


Mercedes Benz outshines in terms of its performance. It provides more horsepower than the Lexus and has a larger fuel capacity and long distances can be covered. Its DYNAMIC SELECT feature provides four preset modes (comfort, sport, slippery and off- road)


When you are in a car your safety is of utmost importance.  Mercedes Benz has earned 5-star safety ratings and Top Safety Pick+ awards from IIHS. It has its Attention Assist feature which alerts the drivers when they start experiencing signs of fatigue on the road. Its radar best technology alerts you when a vehicle or some objects are approaching.  It has an advanced system of 9 airbags which provide protection.

Unique design and interior

Mercedes Benz is designed in such a way that it provides you with the best feeling of elegance and comfort with its exclusive selection of interior color options. It merges in itself both tradition and modernity with reduced edges and creases, indentations and recesses in sheet metal.


There are many websites where you can purchase new as well as old cars. Mercedes Benz holds a top position with respect to its remarkable reliability and performance and it is one of the most desired choices for you when you are planning to buy a car. Thus, Mercedes SUV is the best choice.