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Buying a Used Car – Car Dealership or Private Seller?

There are many benefits to buying a used car, but when it comes down to making a decision, you must first decide whether you’re going to purchase it from a car dealership or private seller. It is hard to decide which one is better, both have their pros and cons. But if you do some research and look carefully into both options, buying from a car dealership tends to have more advantages.

Purchasing from a Dealership

Most Australians choose to buy used cars from a dealership, one of the main reasons for this is the level of professionalism and customer service they are exposed to. You may find that some used car dealers charge more for their vehicles, but leading used car dealers in Canberra offer outstanding prices on all their second-hand cars. A car dealership has overheads such as rent and staff, so they tend to add a little extra onto the price of the vehicle to compensate. However, you are given a lot of guarantees that you wouldn’t get from a private seller.

Here are some of the biggest advantages of choosing a licenced car dealer:

  • All-inclusive price tags that include stamp duty etc.
  • Safe vehicles which have been thoroughly examined.
  • Warranties and cooling-off periods to protect the consumer.
  • No unpaid debts on the vehicle you’ve just purchased.

A car dealership may be slightly more expensive than a private seller, but you get a lot more guarantees. If you buy from a private seller, you really know nothing about the person or the vehicle they are selling. It could have been involved in a major accident and you would know nothing about it. You can do a lot of research and compare prices across other dealerships, this ensures you get the best possible price on your used car purchase.  If you aren’t happy with the price they offer, you can take your business elsewhere. In addition, if anything goes wrong with the car, you know exactly where to take it.

Purchasing from a Private Seller

It is understandable why many customers think they’ll get a better deal off a private seller, they may be a car expert and offer a really tempting price for their used car. On the other hand, they may know absolutely nothing about the value of their car and therefore put over-inflated price tag on the vehicle. Some private sellers withhold information from buyers, they sell cars which aren’t fully owned by them. If you buy an encumbered car and the borrower defaults on the loan contract, your vehicle could be repossessed – even if you own nothing to nobody. It isn’t against the law to advertise a car with finance owing on it.

Although there are pros and cons to buying a vehicle from a dealership, there are several advantages over using a private seller. You take on a lot of risk when going through a private seller, you can’t be sure the car has been examined by a professional and you never know if there is finance owed on the vehicle.